Talking bout my generation

The neverending childe generation.
The kidult generation

“Here’s to never growing up.”

Girls” tv series.
The generation that never really grew up.
Always stuck in between (two generations, two states of living, two this and that).

The word “Girl”=child, teenager, young, not an adult. Never really growing up.

The why generation
No job, crappy education, endless distractions, always connected, always seeking the attention that they/we’ll never really get.

The neverending childe generation

Good blog post about generational oppression:

“at birth and throughout their later upbringing, we instil in them
the necessity to live, honor, and respect us, to do their best for
us, to satisfy our ambitions

… in short to give us everything our parents denied us

Great post. Read it all.

Here’s to never growing up

Avril Lavigne song “Here’s to never growing up”
Published on May 9, 2013

Taylor Swift – 22

Published on Mar 13, 2013 (3-13-20-13)

22=tarot/hebrew alphabet.
22=double number.
21=year of (complete) adulthoood in many countries. Drinking age, and some other ages.

The song is 4:04 minutes long.
4:04=404=44. Twice as much as 22. 404=internet code for page missing. Missing, or being LOST. The missing generation. The generation that never really
arrived. (At adulthood, or at life).

(Avril song length is 3:45. Don’t know the meaning. Other than 345. Has this become a standard by artists, nowadays, to release a single with a numerological
meaning behind the song length?)

Avril heres to

Both songs/videos seems to be about celebrating youth and/or adulthood. Being constantly in between. Kidults. Endless teens.
Notice how Avril and Taylor wears almost the same clothes, or at least the same colors.

It’s amazing how Taylor and Avril eventually turned into the same person.

Taylor 22

Taylor Swift video. T-shirt saying “Not a lot going on at the moment“.
Not a lot, or/too much of everything. Constantly busy, constantly connected, constantly distracted, but without really doing anything, really important.
“Not a lot going on at the moment”. Perfect description of the LOST generation.

A generation lost in pace

The Ark – It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane

Released in the year Y2K.

Some lyrics:
“Whatever happened to the funky race?
A generation lost in pace
Wasn’t life supposed to be more than this?

“Stuck in my brain it kept me sane
For a couple of years as it drenched my fears
Of becoming like the others
Who become unhappy mothers
And fathers of unhappy kids
And why is that?”

“Oh It takes a fool to remain sane
Oh In this world all covered up in shame



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